King’s College Choir performing in St. Paul triggers memories for Agrell

King's College Choir

King’s College Choir

The famous, beautiful, and historic King’s College Choir from Cambridge, England, are performing at the Cathedral St Paul, Minnesota, on Thursday April 4, 2013.

Why do we care? Over the last year we partnered with Duncan G. Stroik Architect to construct and carve the decoration for the organ case that was recently installed there. Moreover, Agrell Architectural Carving has strong family ties to Cambridge. Company founder Ian Agrell started his woodcarving business in the Cambridge area more than 30 years ago. His children grew up there, and his daughter Kate has been fortunate enough to attend King’s College at Christmastime to hear the choir perform. Kate has been a project manager for the business since 2002.

So it is a great honor to know that no matter where we are in the world, we still have an actual connection to these sentimental memories!

Here are the songs the choir will perform at the Cathedral of St. Paul:

  • Byrd: O Lord, make thy servant Elizabeth
  • Byrd: Sing joyfully
  • Gibbons: O Lord, in thy wrath
  • Gibbons: O clap your hands together
  • Organ solo
  • Verdi: Ave Maria
  • Britten: Hymn to St Cecilia
  • Blow: My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me
  • Blow: Salvator mundi
  • Purcell: Remember not Lord, our offences
  • Purcell: I was glad
  • Organ solo
  • Verdi: Pater noster
  • Britten: Rejoice in the Lamb