A library of images of ornamental decoration and design.

Ornapedia.org, curated by Master Carver Ian Agrell, is a free library of wonderful examples of design and skilful execution in the ornamentation of a building or object.  Giving access to thousands of free images, the site is a valuable resource for our clients and general public to research some of the finest examples of historical design and workmanship, enhancing todays projects.

The idea of Ornapedia came to Ian when project managers and clients needed quick access to images for inspiration and budget requirements.
At Agrell Architectural Carving we are often asked for design options showing variations of a design and budget.  For example acanthus leaf mouldings will naturally differ in price depending on complexity.  Now our staff and clients can search “acanthus moulding” and get 172 results – including examples in Versailles.

“When I receive a request from a client I can immediately jump into Ornapedia and type in the keyword to find what they need.” Explains Project Manager Kate Agrell “I can trust that the design and detailed information is accurate and link across different budget options.

How does it work?  Create a free account, save images to your custom folders and download them to your desktop for your next presentation, or embed them as a slideshow on your website or blog.