Period Style Primer

Valance bracket inspired by an Armand-Albert Rateau design and hand-carved in wood by Agrell Architectural Carving.

Period Style Primer: Art Deco

Reflecting the fast modernization of the world in the 1920s and 30s, Art Deco personified glamour, luxury, functionality, […]

Period Style Primer: Neoclassical

Inspired by Roman and Greek classical architecture, the neoclassical movement began in the 18th century. Generally it’s known […]

Period Style Primer: Rococo

Rococo is easily identified by its flamboyant designs and curved, asymmetrical forms. Its light yet elaborate style is […]

Period Style Primer: Baroque

Baroque architecture was visceral with a sense of drama. It demands boastful massing and the use of audacious […]

Period Style Primer: Gothic

With its origins in the Norman culture of France during the 12th century, the Gothic style quickly spread […]

Period Style Primer: Romanesque

Generally the term Romanesque refers to the period after Roman architecture, from about 800 until Gothic, around 1150, […]

Islamic-style woodcarving based on a 14th-century Moorish design.

Period Style Primer: Islamic

Whenever a new religious faith was proclaimed, its art reflected the feelings of the population. Such a change […]